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  #Company NameRegistration #CityStateCountryWebsite AddressEmail AddressPrimary Coordinator
1 .FutureLab.my1069441-APetaling JayaSelangorMalaysiahttps://futurelab.myinfo@futurelab.my [Not Assigned]
2 .Planyourwedding.my1030709-TPetaling JayaSelangorMalaysiawww.planyourwedding.mycareers@planyourwedding.my Ms. Tan Hwei Ping
3 111 Eye Sdn Bhd Petaling JayaSelangorMalaysia   Mr. Aloysius Yapp
4 180 Degree Strategic Communications Sdn. Bhd. KLWP Kuala LumpurMalaysiahttp://www.180.com.my/info@@180.com.my Mr. Teh Boon Teck
5 1M Leadership Academy963903-MKuala LumpurWP Kuala LumpurMalaysiawww.1macademy.com.myceo.office@1macademy.co [Not Assigned]
6 21-mm comm sdn. bhd659390-MPuchongSelangorMalaysia chong2525@yahoo.com Ms. Tan Hwei Ping
7 2MEDIASTUDIO SDN BHD720964-MPetaling JayaSelangorMalaysia2mediastudio.myhr@2mediastudio.com Mr. Beh Chun Chee
8 3DTECH Solutions Sdn Bhd802203-uKuala LumpurWP Kuala LumpurMalaysiawww.3dtech.com.myinfo@3dtech.com.my [Not Assigned]
9 4 Chicos   Malaysia   Dr. Choo Peng Yin
10 7sauto648522HklWP Kuala LumpurMalaysiahttp://www.7sautogarage.com/www.7sauto.com [Not Assigned]
11 7seeds Solution Sdn Bhd1101304dKuala LumpurWP Kuala LumpurMalaysia   [Not Assigned]
12 8TV Petaling JayaSelangorMalaysiawww.8tv.com.my  Mr. Anthony Gandolfo Miranti Jr
13 9 Lives Digital Sdn Bhd906603-MPetaling JayaSelangorMalaysiawww.9livesdigital.cominfo@9livesdigital.com [Not Assigned]
14 99 Speed Mart Sdn Bhd519537-xKlangSelangorMalaysiawww.99speedmart.com.myhr@99speedmart.com.my [Not Assigned]
15 A Plus Advisor002471174-M    aplusadvisor@yahoo.com.my Ms. Tai Lit Cheng
16 A Plus Film Petaling JayaSelangorMalaysia   Mr. Beh Chun Chee
17 A Star Power Mastery Living Consultancy  Pulau PinangMalaysia   Dr. Cheah Phaik Kin
18 A Zon Education Advisory Subang JayaSelangorMalaysiawww.azon.myinfo@azon.my Ms. Chew Wee Lee
19 A&S PARTNERSIP0371912-DIPOHPerakMalaysia a.s_partners@yahoo.com [Not Assigned]
20 A. L. Lee & Co.AF 0129johor bahruJohorMalaysiahttp://www.alleeco.com/my@alleeco.com [Not Assigned]
21 A.L.R.I.T.E Autism Centre1019560ASubang JayaSelangorMalaysiahttp://alrite4kidz.com/vanitha@alrite4kidz.com [Not Assigned]
22 A.M.E. CONSTRUCTION SDN BHD278191-XJohor BahruJohorMalaysiawww.ameconstruction.com.myinfo@ameconstruction.com.my [Not Assigned]
23 A?famosa Sales & Marketing Sdn Bhd  WP Kuala LumpurMalaysia   Dr. Chong Shyue Chuan
24 A2Z Strategic Partner001811048-AIpohPerakMalaysiawww.a2z-sp.comlpwoo317@gmail.com [Not Assigned]
25 AAA Solutions Sdn Bhd1095925-DPetaling JayaSelangorMalaysiaNAana@triplea-solution.com [Not Assigned]
26 Aalborg Portland Malaysia Sdn Bhd275155-PIpohPerakMalaysiawww.aalborgportland.com.myaalborg@aalborgportland.com.my [Not Assigned]
27 AB Business Solutions Sdn. Bhd.850074-V      [Not Assigned]
28 AB Food & Beverages (T) Ltd000000Petaling JayaSelangorMalaysiawww.abfood.comjonathan.chin@twiningsovo.com [Not Assigned]
29 AB GLOBAL SDN BHD524362-MPuchongSelangorMalaysiawww.abglobal.com.mynggary33@gmail.com [Not Assigned]
30 ABB Manufacturing Sdn Bhd12651-M   www.abb.com.my  [Not Assigned]
31 ABC Sdn Bhd12345-KKLWP Kuala LumpurMalaysiawww.it.comabc@abc.com [Not Assigned]
32 Ablenet Systems Sdn Bhd428243-D WP Kuala LumpurMalaysiahttp://www.ablenet.com.my/  Dr. Choo Peng Yin
34 About Communication Sdn Bhd   Malaysia   Mr. Aloysius Yapp
35 ABS Advance Business Solution000935708-DSri DamansaraWP Kuala LumpurMalaysia   Dr. Choo Peng Yin
36 ACA Vision Technology Sdn Bhd [Electronics]    www.acavision.com.mycscheam@acavision.com.my Ms. Chew Wee Lee
37 Accenture Solutions Sdn. Bhd.  WP Kuala LumpurMalaysia   Dr. Chong Shyue Chuan
38 AccountStaff (M) Sdn Bhd1067544-KMid ValleyWP Kuala LumpurMalaysiawww.AccountStaff.com.sgThioCuiShan@accountstaff.com.my [Not Assigned]
39 ACEMAX MANAGEMENT SDN.BHD.474022-KSetapakWP Kuala LumpurMalaysia thomas.acemax@gmail.com [Not Assigned]
40 ACEPOINT SYSTEM SDN BHD837679-DBandar Puchong JayaSelangorMalaysia   [Not Assigned]
41 ACGT Laboratories       [Not Assigned]
42 Achieve Career Consultant (M) Sdn Bhd933749-PMid Valley CityWP Kuala LumpurMalaysiahttps://achievegroup.asia/my/debbie.kwok@achievegroup.asia [Not Assigned]
43 ACNielsen (M) Sdn Bhd10909-VPetaling JayaSelangorMalaysia   Dr. Choo Peng Yin
44 ACONLAND SDN BHD971569-KKuala LumpurWP Kuala LumpurMalaysiawww.aconland.com.myjane@gaincity.com.my [Not Assigned]
45 ACP Magazines Pte. Ltd. Petaling JayaSelangorMalaysia   Mr. Aloysius Yapp
46 ACRYLIC WORLD SDN BHD716257KSELANGORSelangorMalaysiawww.acrylicworld.com.mysoo@acrylicworld.com.my [Not Assigned]
47 ACS Concept (M) Sdn Bhd657602-UShah AlamSelangorMalaysiawww.acsconcept.comnorliza@acsconcept.com [Not Assigned]
48 Acson (M) Sales & Service Sdn Bhd Petaling JayaSelangorMalaysiahttp://www.acson.com.myacson@acson.com.my Mr. King Yeong Jin
49 ACT PARTNERSAF1842PuchongSelangorMalaysiawww.arris-group.comhr@arris-group.com [Not Assigned]
50 Acumen Scientific Sdn Bh514926-VPeraiPulau PinangMalaysiahttps://acumen.com.my/inquiry@acumen.com.my [Not Assigned]
51 Ad Zion Agency Sdn. Bhd.PS/511247-USkudaiJohorMalaysia   Ms. Norlis Binti Ismail
52 Adapt Systems and Solutions Sdn Bhd  WP Kuala LumpurMalaysia   Dr. Choo Peng Yin
53 Addaudio EX Sdn Bhd Petaling JayaSelangorMalaysia   Mr. Aloysius Yapp
54 Addictive Media Sdn Bhd892724-XSentul EastWP Kuala LumpurMalaysiawww.weareaddictive.comhello@weareaddictive.com [Not Assigned]
55 Admall Sdn Bhd1163508UKota DamansaraSelangorMalaysiawww.admall.myhr@admall.my [Not Assigned]
56 ADR Media Sdn Bhd929413-MBdr Putra Permai, Seri KembanganSelangorMalaysiawww.adrgroups.cominfo@adrgroups.com [Not Assigned]
57 Adtek Malaysia Sdn Bhd795575UKlangSelangorMalaysiawww.adtek.com.myha1@adtek.com.my [Not Assigned]
58 Aducation Media111669HKuala LumpurWP Kuala LumpurMalaysiawww.aducation.myaducation.my@gmail.com [Not Assigned]
59 Advance Micro Device (AMD) Export Sdn Bhd [Electronics] Bayan LepasPulau PinangMalaysiawww.amd.comnoriziana.anuar@amd.com Mr. Yew King Tak
60 Advancecon Infra Sdn Bhd206362-KPetaling JayaSelangorMalaysiawww.advancecon.com.myinfo@advancecon.com.my [Not Assigned]
61 Advanced Micro Devices Export sdn. Bhd.AMD  Pulau PinangMalaysiawww.amd.com  Dr. Choo Peng Yin
62 Advanced Semiconductor Engineering (ASE) Malaysia [Electronics]  Pulau PinangMalaysiawww.asemal.com.mykc_kheoh@asemal.com.my Dr. Cheah Phaik Kin
63 Advanced Sound Products Sdn Bhd153467-KSungai PetaniKedahMalaysia   Dr. Choo Peng Yin
64 ADVANTECH INSTRUMENTS SDN BHD850409-WShah AlamSelangorMalaysia winnieooi@cng-instruments.com [Not Assigned]
65 Advantes Group Sdn Bhd1064075-DPetaling JayaSelangorMalaysiahttp://www.advantesgroup.com  [Not Assigned]
66 ADVENTIS CORPORATE SERVICES SDN BHD919478-mKUALA LUMPURWP Kuala LumpurMalaysiawww.adventis.mysupport@adventis.my [Not Assigned]
67 Advertising Sales Executive  WP Kuala LumpurMalaysia   Mr. Aloysius Yapp
68 Advertising Sales Promotion Sdn Bhd11966-PPetaling JayaSelangorMalaysiawww.adsales.com.mypenny.lim@adsales.com.my [Not Assigned]
69 AE Consultant Petaling JayaSelangorMalaysia   Mr. King Yeong Jin
70 AE Pictures GombakWP Kuala LumpurMalaysia   Mr. Aloysius Yapp
71 AECOM456278KPetaling JayaSelangorMalaysiawww.aecom.comrecruiter-sea@aecom.com [Not Assigned]
72 Aedge Technologies Sdn Bhd Petaling JayaSelangorMalaysiawww.aedgetech.com  Dr. Choo Peng Yin
73 Aegis BPO Malaysia Sdn Bhd502982WPetaling JayaSelangorMalaysiawww.aegisglobal.comjobsmalaysia@aegisglobal.com [Not Assigned]
74 Aemulus Corporation Sdn. Bhd.798015-MBayan LepasPulau PinangMalaysiahttp://www.aemulus.com/recruitment@aemulus.com [Not Assigned]
75 AEON Credit Service (M) Berhad Kuala LumpurWP Kuala LumpurMalaysiawww.aeonmalaysia.com.mycy_goh@aeonmalaysia.com.my [Not Assigned]
76 AEON VANTAGE ADVISORY SDN. BHD.599195 - wKEPONGWP Kuala LumpurMalaysia-aeonvantage@gmail.com [Not Assigned]
77 AFC PLUS SDN BHD641787-VPetaling JayaSelangorMalaysiahttp://www.afcgroup.com.my/index.phpinfo@afcgroup.com.my [Not Assigned]
78 Affinex Innovation Sdn Bhd [Electronics] Bayan LepasPulau PinangMalaysiawww.affinex.com.mybhchee@affinex.com.my Mr. Francis Lau Kean Hong
79 Afiintra Technologies Sdn Bhd550619-PKuala LumpurWP Kuala LumpurMalaysiawww.afiintra.comhr@afiintra.com [Not Assigned]
80 After Hours Marketing002350379-DKLWP Kuala LumpurMalaysiawww.marketingafterhours.comelton@marketingafterhours.com [Not Assigned]
81 Agape Counselling Centre Malaysia Petaling JayaSelangorMalaysia   Dr. Cheah Phaik Kin
82 Agensi Pekerjaan Career Wise Sdn Bhd513788-U   www.careerwise.com.myjobs@careerwise.com.my [Not Assigned]
83 Agensi Pekerjaan Proforce Sdn Bhd544715-wKuala LumpurWP Kuala LumpurMalaysiawww.proforce.com.myproforceteam@entrusty.com [Not Assigned]
84 Agensi Pekerjaan Recruit Express Sdn. Bhd.  WP Kuala LumpurMalaysia   Dr. Cheah Phaik Kin
85 Agensi Pekerjaan Wisenet Asia Sdn Bhd1031867-D   wisenetasia.comwisenetmsia@wisenetasia.com [Not Assigned]
86 Agensi Pelancongan Dunia Impian  PerakMalaysia d.impian@streamyx.com [Not Assigned]
87 Agensi Perkejaan Info-house (M) Sdn Bhd253663    jasmine@infohouse.com.my Mr. Yew King Tak
88 Agensi Perkerjaan Crest Force (M) Sdn Bhd621316-APetaling JayaSelangorMalaysiahttp://www.crestforce.netinfo@crestforce.net [Not Assigned]
89 Agensi Vincent Tan Boon Hean002525837WKuala LumpurWP Kuala LumpurMalaysia   [Not Assigned]
90 Agilent Technologies Microwave Products (M) Sdn Bhd [Electronics]463532-MBayan LepasPulau PinangMalaysiawww.agilent.com.my  Mr. Ng Choon Boon
91 Aglotel Wireless Solutions Sdn Bhd452215KPuchongSelangorMalaysiawww.aglotel.com.my  Dr. Lim Chai Lee
92 AGTIV Consulting Sdn Bhd       Dr. Choo Peng Yin
93 AGV Consulting Sdn Bhd1020123 UKuala LumpurWP Kuala LumpurMalaysia info.cabis@gmail.com [Not Assigned]
94 AHLAF 001825Kuala LumpurWP Kuala LumpurMalaysiawww.ahlim.comestherchoy@ahlim.com [Not Assigned]
95 Ai Fm Kuala LumpurWP Kuala LumpurMalaysia   Mr. Anthony Gandolfo Miranti Jr
96 AIA Bhd.790895-DKuala LumpurWP Kuala LumpurMalaysiahttps://www.aia.com.my/my.careers@aia.com [Not Assigned]
97 AIA- Klang Jaguar Group KlangSelangorMalaysia   Dr. Chong Shyue Chuan
98 AIA Shared Services Sdn Bhd858194-PCyberjayaSelangorMalaysia MY.Career@aia.com [Not Assigned]
99 AIC Exhibitions Sdn Bhd Petaling JayaSelangorMalaysia   Dr. Chong Shyue Chuan
100 AiFM KLWP Kuala LumpurMalaysia   Mr. Beh Chun Chee
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